Agricultural cooperatives Kantarača Agricultural cooperatives Kantarača from the island of Rava that has been founded in February 2007. The core business of the agricultural cooperative is manufacturing and repurchasing olive oil.

By using only the most modern equipment for processing olive oil and the possibility of handpicking the best olive fruits, we created conditions for manufacturing ultra extra virgin olive oils for which there is only the perspective of organized competition.

The olive oil is filled in our own bottles of 1dl and 2 dl that are manufactured in a glassblowing company and offered as an exclusive package to the market in the form of gastro souvenires and adds to meals.

Apart from manufacturing olive oil only from exclusive domestic olive sorts, we promote renovation and safekeeping of old olive fields and the islands biodiversity.

By promoting olive oil and its manufacture we try to contribute to development of the profession and to carry out a good word about Ravas oil, tradition and its way of life.